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Athena Muay Thai Shorts (Crimson)

Sale price$69.00 USD

The first ever Muay Thai Shorts made for women's bodies! We've created the first ever muay thai shorts specifically cut and designed to fit the shape of women's bodies. Normal muay thai shorts have a smaller waist to hip ratio that works well with men's straight bodies, meaning women generally need to size up to get the right hip/leg space and then pull that drawstring super tight to get the waist to fit.

We've created ours with a very high waist to hip/leg ratio to ensure we have a waistband that fits our smaller waists and a hip/leg cut that fans out wide to accomodate our generally wider hips and heavier bottom halves. We've also made the waistband sit higher on the waist to stop the shorts from riding up by giving it the most natural anchor point on the body. On top of that, we've included safety shorts inside for extra coverage.
  • Runs true to size with Extra Wide Hips. Choose based on waist size and size down if you fall between sizes.  (see Size Chart)
  • Thick and super stretchy waistband for strong but comfortable support (no drawstring) 
  • Anti-ride up! Higher waist than other muay thai shorts to allow the shorts to sit at the female body's most natural anchor point for a waistband 
  • Super wide hips/legs for better hourglass body fit and freedom of movement without compromising the waistband fit
  • Inner shorts for extra coverage designed with anti-camel toe structure and pockets for those pre-muay thai training running sessions!
  • Gorgeous gold embroidery
  • Outer: 97% polyester, 3% spandex
  • Inner: 73% nylon, 27% spandex
Athena Fightwear women's muay thai shorts crimson red gold with wide hips and built in safety shorts with anti camel toe anti ride up and pockets
Athena Muay Thai Shorts (Crimson) Sale price$69.00 USD